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Thursday's child

has far to go

Thursday's Child
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Take one Canadian, mix her with equal parts insanity, passion, and a desire for adventure. Add a dash of sarcasm and garnish with pink tights. Shake it together and the result is litgeek81.


Once upon a time I was an LJ enthusiast and updated regularly. For the last two years, I've posted rather rarely but I am now attempting to once again update. Maybe this time with a bit more substance?

Things that make me tick: Teaching, Travelling, Discovering new music; social justice issues; conversations that make you think; Justin; discovering the world around me; analysing people.

From Aug 2006-Aug 2008 I lived in London, England and from there I moved to Australia. I'd like to live in a few more countries, though I'm settled here indefinitely.

I'm a bit of a walking contradiction and I like being that way. :-)


A lot of my bases for icons and/or icons come from Image hosted by Photobucket.com.

FO banner made by mercscilla.

Larryboy, 3-2-1 Penguins and VeggieTales are © to Big Idea. No infringement is intended...I'm just a geek who likes singing Christian vegetables.

Unless otherwise stated, any pictures, icons, and works of poetry and/or prose are the creation and property of CKN.
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